The Kenya Sugar Directorate is charged with the responsibility of regulating, developing and promoting the Kenya Sugar Industry. Its specific roles are to:

  1. Co-ordinate the activities of individuals and organizations within the industry;
  2. Facilitate the equitable access to the benefits and resources of the industry by all interested parties;
  3. Formulate and implement overall policies and plans for the development of the industry;
  4. Act as an intermediary between the Government and the industry;
  5. Facilitate the flow of research findings to interested parties;
  6. Monitor the domestic market in to identify and advice on any distortions in the sugar market;
  7. Facilitate the arbitration of disputes among interested parties;
  8. Facilitate the export of Local sugar;
  9. Promote and encourage the use of environment friendly technologies in the industry;
  10. Provide advisory services to growers and millers;
  11. Facilitate an equitable mechanism for the pricing of sugar-cane and appropriation of proceeds from the disposal of the by-products of sugar production between growers and millers;
  12. Represent the industry in other organizations that are relevant to the promotion of the industry;
  13. Oversee the formulation of standard provisions governing the mutual rights and obligations of growers and millers;
  14. Collect collate and analyze industry statistics and maintain a database for the industry; and
  15. Promote the efficiency and development of the industry through the establishment of appropriate institutional linkages.