Our partners in the Sugar sector include

  1. sugar companies

2. Individual Sugar cane Farmers, Farmer Groups and Associations

3. Millers

4. KALRO-Sugar Research Institute

5. Government Ministries, and Departments

6. State Corporations

7. County Governments

8. Donor Agencies

9.Development Partners

10.Universities, Tertiary Colleges and related research and training institutions

11.Private Sector Extension Service Providers

12.Financial Institutions

13. Dealers in Sugar and sugar by-products

14. Suppliers of goods and services

15. Sugar Exporters/Importers

16. Processors

17.General Public

18.International associations affiliated to scheduled crops


Our customers have a right to:

  1. Courteous treatment
  2. Timely response
  3. Privacy and confidentiality
  4. Access to information
  5. Quality services and products
  6. Conducive environment
  7. Effective communication


To enable us serve you better and work in the spirit of mutual support and relationship, our customers are obliged to:

  1. Be courteous and respectful;
  2. Provide precise information;
  3. Provide feedback on our services;
  4. Adhere to stipulated regulations, procedures and policies;
  5. Observe integrity;
  6. Embrace innovative and competitive agricultural practices.


The Directorate is committed to the following:

  1. Continuous improvement of skills, knowledge, experience and exposure of our staff to ensure quality service delivery
  2. Provision of timely and quality services to our customers
  3. Being responsive to customer needs and dynamic
  4. Zero tolerance to Corruption
  5. Compliance with legal and statutory requirements;
  6. Maintain privacy and confidentiality of customer and any classified information;
  7. Impartial handling of disputes;
  8. Objectivity in decision making process.