Functions of the Technical services department
This department is mandated to offer the following services.
• Organizing smallholders into production and marketing groups through contracted farming thus improving      producer-buyer linkages and serving as a mediator/arbitrator.
• Educating and training growers on production, record keeping, harvesting and post-harvest handling especially for smallholders.
• Improving productivity through demonstrations on new technologies and introducing new crop varieties.
• Encouraging commercial farming and planned unstainable production to improve farmers’ income.
• Ensure timely availability of high quality planting materials.
• Capacity building of county Agriculture staff and collaborating with other providers in private and public sectors.
• Collaborating with research and training institutions to generate new technologies and develop curriculum.
• Initiating farm certification and accreditation programs aimed at promoting good agricultural practices (GAP) and good manufacturing practices (GMPS) and ensuring consumer confidence on food safety and quality assurance
• Supporting formation of grass root commodity and regional based farmers associations.