The Directorate’s Corporate Services are: -

Office of Head of Directorate

Responsible for the execution of Sugar Directorate strategic functions and management of resources.


  1. Advice on policy development of the Sugar industry.
  2. Coordinates Sugar industry stakeholders to support sustainable development, regulation and promotion of the industry.
  3. Guide the directorates management operations in line with the strategic plan.
  4. Directs enforcement of industry regulations, professional guidelines and statutory obligations.
  5. Resource mobilization for the achievement of the Directorates mandate.

Human Resource Development and Administration


  1. Coordinate manpower planning, employee welfare, training, employee relations, separation and performance management
  2. Implement AFA and public sector human resource policies.
  3. Mainstream national and international human resource frameworks including cross-cutting programs (National Cohesion, Disability Mainstreaming, Road Safety, Gender Mainstreaming and HIV prevention and awareness, Alcohol and drug abuse(ADA)) in Sugar directorate activities;
  4. Coordinate internships, industrial attachments and apprenticeships in the Directorate
  5. Management of the directorate’s assets.



  1. Implement AFA finance policies, procedure manuals as guided by the  Public Finance Management Act 2012 and Public Finance Management Regulations, 2015.
  2. Preparation of management and financial reports based on International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  3. Ensure compliance with set budgetary levels and adherence to approved budget.
  4. Management of online receipts, payments and statutory deductions

Supply Chain


  1. Procuring goods, works and services in accordance with the Public Procurement Asset Disposal Act 2015 and Regulations 2020;
  2. Coordinate Preparation & Consolidation of Directorate’s Procurement plan;
  3. Co-ordinate stores/ inventory management and asset disposal;  

Information Communication Technology


  1. Implement the AFA ICT policies, strategies, innovations, standards procedures and regulations;
  2. Manage the Sugar Directorate automated business processes, e-portals(Miwa Bora, IMIS, Ken Trade) and related ICT infrastructure;
  3. Implement ICT security strategy, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans;